We’re going to the Folio: Show – again!

NYC, here we come! Haj Carr, TLP CEO, will kick off the 2017 Folio: Show conference in New York City with a paneled learning session titled Ditch the Pitch: How to Build Quality Client Relationships.


TLP Spotlight: NefRyder is in the house

Through the walls of the TLP office lucky ears can hear the sound of an angel singing. That angel didn’t drop from heaven though, he grew up in the Bronx until age 14, attended Juilliard Pre-College Division and then went to a boarding school in Wisconsin.


We raft (and camp) with a little help from our friends

The saying goes, “What happens in The Forks, stays in The Forks”, but when it comes to our Annual White Water Rafting Trip (aka Annual Camping Trip with a Rafting Component) that’s just not true. It’s not because we want to continually bring up moments like when our commemorative camping stickers were thrown into the fire, or when someone rode a bike for miles with flat tires, it’s because the connections we make with our team members while we are camping don’t stop when we leave the woods.


Yahtzee! We remain one of the Best Places to Work in Maine

We win. Again.

For the second year in a row, TrueLine Publishing has been voted onto the list of Maine’s Best Places to Work.


TLP Spotlight: Climbing to new heights

TrueLine Publishing strives to do what it takes to produce stories that rise to the top of a Google search. This achievement and reputation is made possible because of a team that is ready to go to the limits, both at work and at play.


Conscious leadership and the value of believing in your business

It was easy for business owners to say what their businesses do and how, but when it came to why their business keep chugging along—as in, what’s the point?—a recent workshop turned into a game of hot potato.


Success starts with why you do, not what you do

It’s common to ask “what do you do?” when first meeting someone. The same applies to companies; we recognize them for what they produce.


TLP Spotlight: Moonwalking through history

Alison McNeaney wanted to study abroad in Australia but ended up in Austria. For the anthropology major and historic preservation enthusiast, it wasn’t a bad trade off.


TLP Spotlight: (Not) Gone Fishing

Patrick aka “PJ” is TrueLine’s resident Big Friendly Giant. With fingers the size of bananas, a head the size of a county fair winning watermelon and a heart as sweet as a maraschino cherry, Mr. Rose would make a fruit sculpture so large it could feed a small nation.


The Grow Maine Show [podcast]: TrueLine Publishing CEO shares insights into our growing business

Want to know more about TrueLine Publishing and what we stand for? Our CEO, Haj Carr, sat down with Marty Grohman of The Grow Maine Show podcast, to share insights into our growing business, expose the nuances of our company culture and what sorts of projects we’re working on.

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