Meet the Winners of Trueline’s Halloween Costume Contest

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When our managing editor delivered my formal job offer two years ago, there were two stipulations:

  1. That I did my work well and on time (obviously); and
  2. That I dress up for the Trueline Halloween party, because “We’ve had 100% participation two years running and I’ll be darned if we allow anyone to jeopardize that streak.” (I’m paraphrasing.)

Clearly, everyone got the message. Once again, our team donned their goofy and gruesome best on October 31. Highlights include:

  • CEO Haj Carr dressing up like some kind of prehistoric fur-covered bird (….This just in: It was a squirrel, apparently);
  • Chief Everything Officer Brandon Bagley going as sales rep Bill Keaton (West Virginia drawl and all);
  • Blake Davis as a bag of Hannaford garlic bread for some reason;
  • Content Coordinator Johnna Sheppard giving a nod to Dwight Schrute.

However, three people distinguished themselves as the most creative costumers of all. Because Maine Winters aren’t long enough, apparently, Amy Nimon decked herself out in full Christmas Tree regalia, earning her the honor of Most Innovative Costume.

“I like to make costumes that light up, so that narrowed it down,” Amy said of her evergreen garb. “I also thought it would be funny to be the wrong Holiday.”

“I like to make costumes that light up, so that narrowed it down. I also thought it would be funny to be the wrong Holiday.” – Amy Nimon, Graphic Designer

Content Coordinator Nolan Quinn took home the Funniest Costume prize for his rendition of Ron Swanson/Ron Swanson’s mustache, the cantankerous boss/mustache from the hit comedy Parks and Recreation.

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Meanwhile, Writer Mary Jordan took a more traditional tack to nab top honors in the Scariest Costume category. Namely: scaring the living daylights out of everyone in the office with ode to K.I.S.S. frontman Gene Simmons.

A Christmas Tree and Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones

Ron Swanson and Gene Simmons

Kudos to everyone for raising the bar yet again—especially our three esteemed winners—and extra thanks to Mary for enduring the unique challenge of trying to drive home while white face-paint burns your eyes.