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July 2, 2019: Portland Creative Agency, Trueline, to Host Monthly Art Shows (Press Release)

February 28, 2019: Trueline completes rebrand and website for Biddeford’s Pepperell Mill Campus (Courier)

February 22, 2019: Pepperell Mill Campus adds 50% more units and partners with Trueline, local marketing firm on rebrand (Bangor Daily News)
February 22, 2019: Pepperell Mill’s new apartments accompanied by rebranding from Trueline (Mainebiz)

December 31, 2018: What’s My New Year’s Resolution? — Experts Weigh In (Trueline CEO, Haj Carr, featured at #34 –

November 12, 2018: Part 2: Constructing Your Own Narrative (#ProvenProfitable [podcast])

November 11, 2018: Part 1: Constructing Your Own Narrative (Maine Business Expo)

September 12, 2018: 9 Tips For Rebranding Your Company (Fupping)

September 11, 2018: How To Pick The Perfect Tagline For Your Company (Fupping)

September 10, 2018: Tips for Taking Time Away from Your Business (Trueline CEO, Haj Carr, featured at #28 –

August 27, 2018: Trueline is Voted a Best Places to Work in Maine 2018 (Press Release)

August 27, 2018: Haj Carr to Speak About Modern Hiring for Modern Media (Press Release)

August 17, 2018: Here are the companies named ‘Best Places to Work in Maine‘ (MaineBiz)

June 18, 2018: Trueline Launches Equity, Digital Platform (Press Release)

March 1, 2018: Expert Advice on Vocational Training in Maine (Real Work Matters)

October 18, 2017: Seven Ways to Succeed as an Entrepreneur in the Modern Business World (Forbes)

October 13, 2017: How to Avoid the 10 Biggest Mistakes of Entrepreneurship (Forbes)

October 10, 2017: Vanguard Recognized at min’s 2017 Magazine Media Awards (Press Release)

October 4, 2017: 13 Ways to Be a Better Boss to Yourself (Trueline CEO, Haj Carr, featured at #4 – Insureon Blog)

October 3, 2017: Haj Carr, TrueLine Publishing CEO, to Speak at Folio: Show 2017 in NYC (Press Release)

October 2, 2017: Haj Carr Earns Spot on 2017 Folio: 100 (Press Release)

September 19, 2017: TrueLine Publishing Annual Rafting Trip Receives Record Attendance (Press Release)

September 12, 2017: Biggest Entrepreneurship Myths and Misconceptions (TrueLine CEO, Haj Carr, featured at #19 –

September 11, 2017: In with the ‘new’ PR, publishing company proclaims (Portland Regional Chamber of Commerce)

August 29, 2017: TrueLine Publishing Named 2017 Best Places to Work in Maine (Press Release)

August 22, 2017: Where are the ‘Best Places to Work in Maine’? Here’s the 2017 list. (Portland Press Herald)

February 8, 2017: TrueLine Publishing CEO Says the Key to Business Success is to Leave Egos at the Door and Dance Salsa (Press Release)

January 30, 2017: Interview with Haj Carr, CEO of TrueLine Publishing (The Grow Maine Show [podcast])

November 9, 2016: TrueLine Publishing Magazines Win at the 2016 Folio: Eddie & Ozzie Awards (Press Release)

October 26, 2016: TrueLine Publishing CEO, Haj Carr, to Speak at Folio: Show 2016 (Press Release)

October 4, 2016: Fostering Confidence: How One B2B Publisher Attracts and Retains Talent (FOLIO:)

September 5, 2016: 18 Executives Share Their Secrets to Being a Great Boss (TrueLine CEO, Haj Carr, featured at #2 –

September 2, 2016: Check out who’s in the annual ‘Best Places to Work’ list (MaineBiz Magazine)

August 26, 2016: TrueLine Publishing Named 2016 Best Places to Work in Maine (Press Release)

June 23, 2016: Entrepreneurs and innovators gather to celebrate 2016 entreverge Awards in Portland, Maine (Press Release,

June 17, 2016: Gratefulness is the Key: Interview with Hajmil Carr (Life Simplified Radio)

June 14, 2016: TrueLine Publishing Founder Haj Carr to Host Lightning Learning Lab at Maine Startup & Create Week 2016 (Press Release,

June 1, 2016: TrueLine Publishing Launches Toggle, a New Magazine for Technology Executives (InvestorPlace)

May 6. 2016: TrueLine Publishing Releases Vanguard to Fill content Marketing Niche for Legal Professionals (Press Release, International Business Times)

May 5, 2016: TrueLine Publishing Launches Vanguard Law Magazine (Press Release,

April 13, 2016: 100+ Ways to Spark Creativity When You’re in a Rut (TrueLine CEO, Haj Carr, featured at #72 –

February 4, 2016: TrueLine Publishing: Increasing Revenues Through Custom Media Solutions (Entrepreneur Podcast Network)

January 6, 2016: New Year’s Business Resolutions for 2016 (TrueLine CEO, Haj Carr, featured at #34 –

November 30, 2015: 20 Hobbies That Can Make You a Better Boss at Work (Lifehack)

November 2, 2015: US Builders Review Wins Best Media Kit at Folio: Awards (Folio)

October 7, 2015: The Biggest Business Frustrations (TrueLine CEO, Haj Carr, featured at #57 –

August 25, 2015: 20 Business Books Every Professional Should Read (Small Businesses do it Better)

August 18, 2015: Overcoming Big Business Obstacles (TrueLine CEO, Haj Carr, featured at #63 –

August 12, 2015: How To: Resolve Conflicts at Work (SUCCESS Magazine)

July 28, 2015: Experts Weigh In: What do you look for in a vacation spot? (MyCorporation)

June 29, 2015: 9 ways to keep employees motivated during the dog days of summer (TrueLine CEO, Haj Carr, featured at #5- CIO)

June 14, 2015: The Best Small Business Resources (TrueLine CEO, Haj Carr, featured at #53 –

May 15, 2015: Mad about employment incentives (BLR)

May 10, 2015: Paradigm Shift: Employee Incentives (National Oil & Lube News)

April 9, 2015: 39 Hiring Tips From The Pros (TrueLine CEO, Haj Carr, featured at #38 – Fit Small Business)

April 17, 2014: TrueLine Publishing: The Top Five Reasons Offline Marketing Still Matters (The Inquisitr)

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