These are our magazines.

Equity Magazine
Financial planners, wealth managers and investment advisors are often hard to tell apart, due to similarities in their messaging and branding. At Equity, we craft and publish well-written stories that clarify the value proposition behind these firms. Our stories are read by business owners, high net worth individuals, institutions and industry peers.


Typical trade publications focus on a single industry, but Vision is more of a melting pot. It is a digital business publication in which different industries—from building and construction to legal services and production agriculture—are shown to be similar. Rather than providing a place to read about the familiar, we seek to expose business executives to ideas they haven’t heard about, and the best way to do that is to cover many industries. Think of it as cross pollination.


Blueprint is a new type of media company focusing on the construction industry. Neither strictly a publication nor a marketing firm, it provides salient, entertaining stories that serve the dual purposes of disseminating new ideas and promoting the brands that are most often the focus of its stories.


Terra Firma
Terra Firma is highlights leaders, and emerging businesses, in the North American food and agriculture industries. It is easy to read about healthcare, technology and manufacturing, all of which are topics in the news and other trade magazines, but it is oddly difficult to hear about businesses supporting food producers, distributors and farmers and  that make food, meat and animal feed abundant and available for very small amounts of money.


Vanguard law magazine
Vanguard is a quarterly industry publication striving to build strong connections between law professionals in the United States. We provide a platform for networking, sharing information and marketing, tying together legal experts from firms of all sizes and companies in a broad range of markets. Vanguard is much more than a magazine that tells insightful stories; it also facilitate connections between legal experts from distinct markets with the goal of creating a better connected industry.


toggle tech magazine
Toggle is a highly optimized tool for relating the perspectives and success stories of industry leading CTOs and CIOs. Our journals are much more than magazines that tell insightful stories; they also provide a platform for marketing, sharing information and networking — tying together technology executives from distinct industries.


US Builders Review
US Builders Review is a nationally recognized trade publication read by a targeted audience of general contractors, developers and other leaders in the construction industry. Using the case study method, we provide some of the most detailed insights on the fastest growing companies throughout North America.


US Business Executive
Read by an audience of professional leaders in the corresponding business sectors we cover, US Business Executive offers national exposure for featured executives and companies. Each issue delivers our unique approach of capturing the end to end business experience including supply chain successes and challenges.


Canadian Business Executive
Highlighting elite business leaders in Canada, Canadian Business Executive serves as a platform for movers and shakers across all industries to connect, network and share ideas and challenges. We are committed to serving this vertical by providing a professional forum for business leaders to exchange cutting edge information in addition to cultivating new business development opportunities.


Vanguard Latin America
Vanguard Latin America is a internationally recognized trade publication read by executives and business leaders across all industries. With each new edition, we profile some of fastest growing companies throughout Latin America — highlighting a variety of industry trends, challenges and opportunities.

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