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Trueline Spotlight: A Coming Full Circle

Reading Time: 3 minutes Anyone who’s worked with Trueline’s writers knows we go out of our way to avoid clichés. There are, of course, exceptions to every rule—times when the phrase in question perfectly captures the subject at hand. So here it is: Karyn Dowty wears a lot of hats. “I’ve had my hands in just about everything over…

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Trueline Spotlight: A Love of Words and the World

Reading Time: 3 minutes “You could say I’m a regular,” Caroline Crasnick confides. Only, she isn’t talking about Portland’s hottest new speakeasy or artisan brewpub. A lifelong linguaphile who’s known to spend afternoons in the library fiction stacks, Crasnick joined the Trueline team as an editorial assistant in late 2018. Her interview skills and knack for notetaking quickly became…

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