TLP Spotlight: Moonwalking through history

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Alison McNeaney wanted to study abroad in Australia but ended up in Austria. For the anthropology major and historic preservation enthusiast, it wasn’t a bad trade off.

Alison uses her degree in anthropology—the study of people—every day. She’s a self-proclaimed people watcher and finds people, what makes them tick and how they make decisions, fascinating. Alison finds the archaeology aspect of anthropology especially interesting and says it’s essentially digging through ancient people’s trash. In a way, it’s people watching. The people are just no longer living.

Originally from a small town in central Massachusetts, Alison lived in Naples, Florida, for a year before moving to Maine in 2016. So far she loves it—especially the people, who she says are “real” and shockingly nice.

Fun Facts:

Hidden talent: Moonwalking (BOOM)

Second choice career: Museum Curator or Indiana Jones

Coolest place you’ve traveled to: Athens, Greece

Walk out song: Every day I am hustling by Rick Ross