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Your website will be beautiful, functional and one of the first results on Google searches. Our competitively priced packages include content, and you’ll have lots of opportunity to create a plan and give us feedback before the website is crafted. This process can take as little as several months, depending on your ability to provide input and materials.

People say:


At Trueline, we pair personalized marketing services with guidance on everything from employee recruitment and retention to budgeting and planning your next big undertaking. Unsure of what you need? We do that, too.


Through a comprehensive process that involves discovery and extensive back-and-forth, we guide businesses as they redefine themselves. We do this with local, Maine businesses and companies and nonprofits around the world.


Our competitively priced packages include content, and you’ll have lots of opportunity to create a plan and give us feedback before the website is crafted.


Even people searching for local businesses rely on Google, so you need to be a top search result if you want to be found. If you’re not sure how to do that, work with us.


We specialize in helping people and businesses thrive and be authentic on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other social platforms. If you already have a following, we’ll help you grow it.


Work with us, and people will like not only how you look—they’ll know who you are, what you stand for and what you do.


We do websites, executive bios, letters to employees and donors, social media profiles, magazine stories, even books.


Not only do we write keynote addresses word for word; we also do research, provide outlines and talking points, and create video scripts. If you’d like, we can connect you with talented speech coaches.

We’ll be here again when you’re asked back next year.


We will help you choose the qualities and experiences you want to share with employers, co-workers, donors, constituents, whoever. Then, we will help you share that message far and wide.


For those special occasions, count on us. We put on trade shows as well as client and employee acquisition events. And we know how to throw a party, so consider us your plus-one for company functions.


Leave the press releases to the less experienced marketing companies. Work with us to connect with reporters and editors of recognized news media. After all, many of us at Trueline have been reporters and editors. We know how pitch a story.


Unlike conventional business consultants, we will write the perfect hiring ad, screen applicants and help you identify a direction and strategy. Then, once you have your ideal workforce, we’ll help you keep it through our guidance on retention and best employer practices.


We craft both one-off emails and email campaigns to sell products, request financial support and boost engagement among employees, members, customers and clients, industry partners and vendors.


Through our podcast, Pain Point, you can extend your reach from the written word to one of the most popular forms of media today. Pain Point focuses on the often-untold struggles and triumphs of local, Maine businesses.


We’ll help you identify your target audience, as well as the ideal placement for your ad. If you’d like, we’ll write it and design the graphics, applying your branding and feedback in time-efficient sessions.


Through our in-house magazines, we can write about you, your company, your business partners, pretty much anyone and anything. These are fast, efficient vehicles we can use for SEO purposes, enhancing your social media and much more.

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